Monday, 9 May 2011

Stained Glass Door

My eldest son started University last September and the day before he had a cafuffle with his younger brother.  Somehow between them a panel in the door broke all over his brother and of couse it was non of their faults.  Luckily there wasn't any serious injuries but I ended up with a window to fix.   Any way after we had all calmed down and when I came back from taking my son to University, (a proud moment and sad one as he would be staying in residence)  I thought it was a good opportunity to make a stained glass panel.   So this is the result.....

All made using the traditional stained glass method with lead came.  

Work in progress on the left and after the soldering was complete on the right.
Panel complete before I fitted it into the door.  Just wish I had more time to do this.  I love it.  


  1. Beautiful!!!!
    All though time consuming, the end result is stunning !!!!
    Just gorgeous Susan :)

  2. Very Beautiful indeed! You are one talented lady!

    Esther xx

  3. Susan this is really beautiful!The satisfaction you must feel when you have completed it must be enormous. You should feel very proud to have produced such a work of art, Lynda xx

  4. Thanks for your lovely comments, it makes it all worth while.

  5. This is GORGEOUS!!!! You are so talented and this is just beautiful! I love stained glass...

  6. Thank you very much Amy for your kind comments. Much appreciated.

  7. Wow Susan ... this is the best stain glass window I have seen. Amazing

    Karen x


My Sons card for the Royal Wedding

My Sons card for the Royal Wedding
He won 2nd prize and it has been sent of to the happy couple. Very proud and he made a gorgeous card. I thought it was the best.