Thursday, 12 July 2012

RAKU Firing Day

My tutor from College invited my Ceramics group and I to a Raku Firing day.
Its a different way of firing pots once they have had their first firing.  You put on the special RAKU glaze and then they go in the Raku kiln and it only takes a couple of hours at the most to get it up to the right temperature when the glaze is glossy.  Then  they are taken out while still hot and put into a tub of wood chippings with a lid over them to starve them of oxygen.  This brings about some gorgous changes to the glaze depending which one was put on.  I came away with lovely turquiose blue and copper colour pots and one with white on it.  They all have the lovely crazed texture too.

We had a lovely day and were well looked after with tea and cake, thanks to Dave and his lovely Wife Alice and Debbie who bought a cake in to share too.

Hopefully we can go on his Kiln building course soon and then will have my own kiln to experiment with.

Unfortunately the leaf broke on the way home but it still looks gorgeous stuck back together with glue.

It is a most exciting process to see the pots changing colour before your very eyes.
This is Dave's Raku Kiln and he does workshops to make Raku Kilns from wire mesh and a special fibre.    A really fabulous day.  Thanks for looking.  XX

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My Sons card for the Royal Wedding

My Sons card for the Royal Wedding
He won 2nd prize and it has been sent of to the happy couple. Very proud and he made a gorgeous card. I thought it was the best.