Thursday, 25 August 2011

Stretch Card template and instructions.

I saw this card and loved it so I thought I would make a template for it.  It is 30 cm wide and the shortest side is 7 cms  high to 18.5 cm high on the other side.  Cut two of these in your chosen card.

Then fold in half as shown then half again.  Cut a slit up to the middle of the first fold and last fold and then cut downwards on the other card on the first and last folds.

These then slot together as shown to make the lovely stretch card.  Please see my previous post for the decorated card I did using a Snowman from Enjoy the Season cart.  Thanks for looking.


  1. Thanks for the little tutorial- I really like this fold! :)Amy

  2. Thanks Susan! I've saved it to my favourites!

    Lynda x


My Sons card for the Royal Wedding

My Sons card for the Royal Wedding
He won 2nd prize and it has been sent of to the happy couple. Very proud and he made a gorgeous card. I thought it was the best.